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Backup with BackUpWordPress & Manual Restore with WayBackMachine or Google Search Engine Cached Feature

The topic for today’s post is very simple and important – making a backup of your site & manually restoring particular page of your site with WayBackMachine or Google Search Engine’s cached feature. I proved it’s important because I almost messed up my site and missed backing up a specific post.


Teknolohitura Website Brute Force Attacked

What is Brute Force Attack? It’s an attack that tries to log your default or common username multiple times. The attacker could be using a mixed of dictionary attack with brute force attack to wild-guessed your log-in credential til they successfully access your site. Brute Force Attack applies to any application and not just an attack for any websites. Brute Force Attack is also known as Admin Attack for WordPress users because the default username of an administrator account in WordPress is ‘admin’. Teknolohitura Experienced Admin Attack This afternoon, I just saw an e-mail notification from WordFence plug-in about a...


Recuva File Recovery Tool by Piriform

So as i was stumbling in StumbleUpon, I found an interesting post about CCleaner but no, this post is not about registry cleaning tool. I found another tool from Piriform site that looks useful. It’s called Recuva, a file recovery tool for your PC. This file recovery software, according to their site, can recover deleted files from your drive, recycle bin and even on your removable media. What’s more interesting is, It’s free! To put it to a test, I downloaded their software from this page -> http://www.piriform.com/recuva and run it (see screenshot below): Proceeding to the next step, It...


How to Make a Portable Anti-Virus on a USB Drive with ClamWin?

In this post, we will be creating a portable antivirus for USB flash drive. We will be using the portable version of ClamWin Anti-Virus. Just a brief overview of what ClamWin is. ClamWin is a free anti-virus software for Microsoft 98 / 2000 / Me / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and also supports the Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012. It’s an open source security for your PC as their subtitle suggest. (for more information about ClamWin, just follow this link)


KickStarter.com Security Breached By Hackers Last Wednesday

According to Kickstarter’s security notice, no information was accessed or suspicious activity was found except for the two Kickstarter user accounts. Therefore, hacker did hacked Kickstarter.com. If you’re a KickStarter user, please be guided accordingly. Change your password now! For more information about the announcement, please follow the link here. Thanks!


Networking Technology Basic: What is a Router and a Switch?

In this video Jimmy explains the difference of router and switch. (watch video below) If we summarize what we learned about the above video. Switch is a layer 2 device (data link layer in OSI model). It is design to connect two or more end-devices. – physically it has many ports As for Router, It’s a layer 3 device (network layer in OSI model). Router can connect many network interfaces. – not much ports in it – can connect networks that are not alike Moreover, because of technology nowadays, Switch can be a layer 3 device and Router can be...


How to Implement Google+ Authorship in WordPress (w/ JetPack plugin)

In this post, I will teach you how you can add Google Plus authorship to your WordPress post. Before you proceed on following the step-by-step guide outlined here, I highly recommend you backup your website and its database first as a safety precaution.